September 25, 2020  
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For more than two decades, the Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario has sponsored a program that allows LBMAO members the opportunity to purchase group insurance protection for you and your employees.

The LBMAO program serves members throughout the province. Together, they enjoy the cost advantages which result from the buying power of the larger, combined group. As well, members retain the flexibility to choose their own plan design.


In order to ensure your company’s success, it is essential that you attract and retain high quality employees. Morneau Shepell, an independent benefit consulting firm, provides LBMAO member companies with professional advice and support regarding employee benefits issues and emerging market trends. The service is simple, flexible and cost competitive.

We can tailor a benefits program that matches your human resource needs and budgetary objectives with your employees’ expectations. In today’s competitive business environment, every possible advantage is important.

We are here to help you reach your goals. For more information please contact a Morneau Shepell representative.

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