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Site Requirements


Ease of navigation was our main concern when designing our new site. Our goal was to help you locate the required information quickly, with minimum searching and page jumping. We think we got it, but in the process we made use of some technologies available only in 4th and 5th-generation Internet browsers.

So, our site requirements currently boil down to "a Microsoft® Windows® i486/66MHz or better with either Microsoft® Internet® Explorer 4.01 or better or Netscape® Navigator 4.08 or better properly installed and configured."

Hardware & Operating Systems

Our hardware requirements are not much different from the hardware requirements to run Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0, or Netscape® Navigator 4.0. We have tested this site in a variety of hardware profiles, and strongly recommend...

  • a 486DX/66MHz processor or higher; Pentium-class processor recommended
  • 16MB of RAM minimum for Windows 95 and WIndows 98, or
  • 32MB of RAM minimum for Windows NT 4
  • a mouse, or other pointing device, is required

Currently, we support the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows 2000
  • Microsoft® Windows 98, 98 Second Edition (recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows NT 4, Service Pack 3 (Service Pack 5 is now available)
  • Microsoft® Windows 95a, 95b
  • MacOS

We are currently testing this site on other operating systems, including the latest MacOS and Linux Operating Systems.

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Supported browsers

Currently, we support the following Internet browsers:

Beta versions, America Online© browsers, WebTV© browsers, earlier versions of the Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape® Navigator browsers are not supported. We are currently working on expanding the number of Internet browsers supported, including the latest Opera® browser.

You can download the latest Microsoft® Internet Explorer for free directly from the Microsoft® web site. For a small fee, Microsoft® will also mail you a CD with their latest browser, if the you are unable to download it from their web site.

Or, you can download the latest Netscape® Navigator directly from Netscape® for free. If you are unable to download the browser, you can request a CD from Netscape®.

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Adobe® Acrobat® Reader

We currently create and store all documents and billing statements as Adobe® Portable Document Files, or PDF documents as they are usually known in the industry. Unlike some other formats, PDF documents...

  • retain their original look regardless of your Operating System, screen-resolution, colors available, or printer
  • download extremelly quickly; the average size for most of our PDF document is about 10k for a 8.5"x11" page. This means downaloding a 3-page document from our site, using a 28.8k modem, generally will take about 20 seconds
  • have a built-in security mechanism to prevent changes to the content
  • are optimized for on-screen reading, unlike some other formats

You must have the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, version 3.01 or better, installed on your computer before you can view, search, or print our PDF documents. You can  download the latest Adobe® Acrobat® Reader from the Adobe®, free of charge. See our suggested links page for alternate download sites.

General settings

The best way to view our site is using a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and a minimum of 256 colours. Screen resolution and color depth is controlled by your operating system and by the type of monitor you have. A screen resolution of 640x480 will work, but you will have to scroll a lot more.

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