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Dental Insurance

Dental care is one of the most desired and valued benefits available to Plan Members.

The program offers dental care based on a ‘building block’ approach:

  1. Basic and Preventative Plan. This includes regular dental check-ups, cleanings, extractions and fillings. Endodontic treatment (root canal) and periodontal treatment (gum disease) can be covered at the basic level as well
  2. Major Restorative Care may be added; this covers crowns and bridgework
  3. Orthodontic coverage is available

Dental Insurance Rates

Plans can be designed with various deductibles or levels of coinsurance. Annual maximums can also be placed on different coverage levels.

Groups can design a plan to include:

  • Coinsurance for Major Restorative and Orthodontic Care
  • Annual maximum for Major Restorative Care
  • Annual deductible for Dental Insurance

Each plan design feature will create different pricing options for each member group. The program allows for high quality dental coverage at an affordable cost.

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